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DV Video Playback System
with Touch Screen Interface

ClipWorks DV SystemThe ClipWorks DV package includes a 15" touch screen, Mac mini processor and the ClipWorks software intalled, for a complete DV video playback system. You supply the DV Bridge (Firewire Interface, also often referred to as IEEE 1394). Various models are available from Canopus and others.

ClipWorks allows you to playback any DV stream. It can also use any Quicktime compatible graphic format for stills (JPG, PSD, TIFF, etc.) and it will convert them to a DV stream for you, for use as a still image. Just touch on the clip you want and hit play. Put the Mac mini processor on your network, and drop clips directly into it from your editing system for playback.

ClipWorks Screenshot

ClipWorks DV Software - $595.00
This is the ClipWorks DV Software only. You would need to provide a Mac computer (G4 1.42 GHz or faster, G5 or Intel) with Firewire and USB ports and supply your own input device. Note: ClipWorks DV was designed specifically for the touch screen, but will work with a mouse, trackball, etc. We would supply the software and drivers, but you would need to install and configure everything. You provide the DV Bridge for video/audio output.

Optional Accessories:
ShuttleXpress - Jog/Shuttle controller with keys for Play, Stop, Rewind, Next/Prev Clip
USB Keyboard/Mouse
Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse

System Requirements:
You supply a DV/Firewire Bridge, such as those from Canopus. Various models are available including Analog Out, SDI/AES Out, Genlockable, etc.

We do have special versions of the ClipWorks software for use with BlackMagic Decklink or AJA video cards, as well as versions that support HD 16x9 output. Contact us for more information on these custom versions of ClipWorks.