Secondary Screen Controller.

ScreenWorks is now available for Mac OS X. This will work with most applications, including PowerPoint X, PowerPoint 2004, Keynote and Keynote 2, as well as virtually any other application.


This is available in our Downloads Section and a demo mode will allow you to use it for 15 minutes, so you can see how it works for yourself.

note: v1.2.3 will work with Keynote 09, however Keynote forces the output to black briefly when you start or end a presentation.

Universal Binary; supports both 16x9 and 4x3 aspect ratios.

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This is the control panel for ScreenWorks. The screen at the top displays what is currently on the second output of the computer. If there is no second output currently available, "Preview Not Available" is shown.

With no buttons selected, you see whatever is on the second monitor output (PowerPoint, desktop, web browser, etc.). You can Fade to Black, Freeze the Output (to allow for changing PowerPoint presentations, etc. and then fade to the new presentation), Fade to a Logo or Fade to Still. The logo and still can be assigned to any Quicktime graphic format (jpg, gif, psd, png, tif, etc.)

The Prefs button brings up the Preferences window (shown below) where you can see the current monitor settings, set the transition fade rates and also set the Logo and Still graphic files.

The + button changes the control panel to a version with a larger preview window (see below).

The ? button brings up the "About" window.

ScreenWorks sits in front of whatever you are doing and can be positioned anywhere on your screen.

The large version of the control panel shows a much larger preview window. You can instantly switch between the two sizes using the + / - button.

The Preferences panel allows you to assign graphics for use in the bottom two buttons and also name the buttons. It also shows your primary and secondary screen resolution and color depth and set the transition speed.